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Clean Desk means Clean Desk

Clean Desk Policy (CDP) was originally implemented as a data protection policy but has taken on new meaning and renewed focus with COVID-19 in the new workspace. Employees’ are responsible for their clean desk, but the employer will need to provide the tools for them to implement their CDP. Ensuring a safe work environment is priority one in Workplace 2.0.

Clean Desk Policy


Efficiently manage the transition back to the office

Sedes workplace management solution offers flexible desk booking for employees and an agile office management tools for employers to safely transition their staff back to the office. Via app or browser employees’ can book a socially distanced desk at a time and date that suits them. A unique QR sticker confirms their location, so you can target individual desks/work bars for cleaning after use.

  • Desk booking App
  • Control workplace density
  • Design & implement social distancing
  • Stagger employee start times
  • Automate your cleaning schedule
  • Track and trace infections
  • One click site shutdown – floor, office, or city
  • Individual or team booking feature
Clean Desk Policy


Work from anywhere

With our range of Hotbox units, employees will make simple work of unpacking and packing up their workspace each day.

  • Tools to keep you organised in a fast changing environment
  • Flexible solutions that express your personality
  • Transition from one workspace to the next seamlessly
  • A Hotbox range to meet any employees’ needs
Clean Desk Policy


Not just a box

Bespoke designs unique to your company. We implement solutions designed for your employees and their unique office environments. Our range of lockers are the final compliment in our CDP solution, providing your staff with the security and safety required to return back to the office.

  • Bespoke design & custom accessories
  • Suitable for short & long term use
  • Smartphone, RFID, keypad & key locking
  • Australian designed & manufactured
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Employees’ are responsible for their clean desk, but the employer will need to provide the tools for them to implement their CDP.

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