Efficiently manage transitions back to the office

The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the workplace and our attitude to how and where we work. Employees are going to demand a sense of safety; they will want to feel comfortable and that they are not exposing themselves to unnecessary risk when they return to the office. Effectively manage the transition back to the office after COVID-19 with Sedes smart booking technology. Designed to assure employees their workspace is safe, smart and flexible enough to meet the needs of their post COVID-19 Workspace 2.0.


Sedes is easy to implement. There are 2 options for you to choose from.


  • The standard sedes set up can be implemented without any on site hardware.
  • Users and management simply log into the app via the web or mobile platform.
  • Sedes is a standalone software system and does not need to integrate with any building control systems, making it more secure and quicker to set up.
  • Each bookable desk location simply requires a unique pre-printed QR code sticker to be applied to it, this confirms the location to the user and cleaners and allows them to check in and out.


  • The pro sedes set up gives you the option to add the sedes Desk Flare to all or a selection of bookable desk locations.
  • The sedes Desk Flare is a dynamic display unit that can be fixed to a bookable location like a desk to give the user a visual display of its status and who has booked.
  • The Desk Flare is battery powered so it does not need any professional installation.
  • It connects to a sedes smart box, positioned in the ceiling, via low power Bluetooth technology.

Operational features

  • Desk booking app
  • Control workplace density
  • Design & implement social distancing
  • Stagger employee start times
  • Automate your cleaning schedule
  • Track and trace infections
  • One click site shutdown – floor, office, or city
  • Individual or team booking feature

Fit for purpose

  • Facility managers
  • Corporate offices
  • Government departments 
  • Multi site operations
  • Wholesale

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