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"The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated"

 The Office

Long live the office

While we have seen the work environment due to COVID-19 rapidly shift to working from home, the cries of ‘the office is dead’ couldn’t be further from the truth. The office will still be an integral part of every business, a place of collaboration and a driving force for how your company trains and builds their employee culture. Space saving is more important than ever, whether it be downsizing your office space or repurposing expensive storage areas into a more productive workspace. Our expert consultants and partners will provide the services and solutions to transition seamlessly.

Space Saving

Rolling storage

Optimise any workspace

Transform any storage into a condensed high density solution with our CSM Rolling Storage range.

  • Powered, mechanical or manual operation
  • Custom internal accessories
  • Steel, laminate or bespoke finishes
  • Golf bags, artwork, files, archiving & custom collections
Space Saving

Offsite storage, relocation & longspan shelving

Transfer your under-utilised storage taking up valuable office space and securely store it with one of our many partners off site storage facilities. Our teams will facilitate the move and design storage space with our custom longspan to increase critical storage space.

  • Custom shelving solutions
  • Offsite storage
  • Relocation services
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