Lockers for Staff

Not just a box

We design custom lockers to meet your company’s modern storage requirements. Our solutions are designed specifically for your employees and their unique office environments. We deliver your solution with dedicated project management and our teams are with you throughout the entire process –  from design and implementation to training and support, providing a seamless end to end service for your business.


Design features

  • Steel, laminate or hybrid construction
  • Large range of powdercoat and laminate finishes
  • Bespoke design & custom accessories
  • Australian manufactured
  • Suitable for short & long term use

Locking features

  • Key
  • Padlock
  • Mechanical combination
  • Digital keypad
  • RFID swipe card 
  • Smartphone 

Fit for purpose

  • Staff lockers - Clean Desk Policy (CDP)
  • EOT (End of Trip)
  • ABW (Activity Based Working)
  • Back of house
  • Gyms & club houses
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